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Puppy Questionnaire

We are honored you are interested in the White Swiss Shepherd as your trusted companion and loyal family pet.  The questions asked here are to give us an understanding of what you are actually looking for in a dog, so that we can provide you with the best puppy match.  There are no wrong answers!  Please copy and paste the questionnaire, and return in an email to us.



Home Phone

Cell Phone

Email Address

How did you find us?            Referral                    Web Search           Facebook         


Which gender dog do you want?              Male             Female        First Available (either gender)


Are you interested in?                Pick of the Litter/Male         Pick of the Litter/Female         

(check all that apply)

What is your primary           Family Pet         Show         Breed        Guard Dog

reason to get a dog?              Therapy Dog       Service Dog        Other 

What activities are you                     Family Fun                 Showing

interested in with your dog?           Agility                          Tracking

(check all that apply)                        Guard Work               Service Work

                                                              Training                      Obedience

                                                              Herding                       Protection

                                                              Therapy Work            Search & Rescue


Have you owned a large dog before?          Yes                  No 

If you rent, have you received written permission to have a large dog?          Yes            No

Do you have small children?                        Yes                           No

If so, how are they with large dogs?

Described your ideal dog's energy level:                    High (very playful & work oriented)


                                                                                             Low (couch potato)

If you had a choice, would you                                Larger

prefer a dog that is slightly larger or                      Average

smaller than average for this breed?                      Smaller

Will you require that the                                           Yes                                      

puppy is shipped to you?                                           No, I will pick up the puppy

If yes, would you be interested                                                     

in a pet transport to your home?                              Yes                        No

What is your ideal timing to

receive your puppy? (i.e. "as soon

as possible", or "next Fall")

Questions you might have?


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