Puppy Information

Out of respect for the future of this fledgling breed in the United States and in cooperation with the high standards of FCI, I assure that my White Swiss Shepherds (WSS)/Berger Blanc Suisse (BBS) will be free of all hip and elbow defects and clear of drug sensitivities(MDR1). The cost of adoption for one of my puppies is $3,000.00

Socializing Your Puppy

The Berger Blanc Suisse are innately intelligent and capable of intuiting your wishes however obedience training and socialization are imperative to insure that your companion will respond properly and exhibit obedience in a multitude of situations. For the highest good of all, make an investment in your shepherd's socialization and obedience training!!

Responsible Dog Ownership

A responsible dog owner means that you are meeting your dog's needs in health, nutrition, and exercise.  You will not let your dog become a nuisance to your neighbors.  If you dog is having problems, then you will seek advice and training to mitigate these problems.  If you take care of your dog's needs, you will have a dog that takes care of you!

Breed Versatility

Highly intelligent and eager to please, your shepherd is easily trainable in a multitude of disciplines. Whether herding, performing search and rescue, protecting your home or being a service dog, with proper training your WSS will meet and even exceed your expectations.

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