Our Breeding Philosophy

The FCI is the largest dog association in the world.  This kennel breeds to the FCI Standard #347

We will breed to maintain a well balanced dog

One that is strong in mind, body and with exceptional beauty

Our breeding pairs will always be in good standing with the FCI.  They will never be registered with the AKC or the UKC because both of these clubs change the breed of the White Swiss Shepherd.  This practice jeopardizes the White Swiss Shepherd from ever being recognized here in the United States.

We follow the FCI Circulair 07/2007:

As the responsible country for the breed standard White Swiss Shepherd Dog (WSSD, standard 347), the SKG informs us of their concern regarding the current situation as far as the breeding of this breed and the issuing of pedigrees by some FCI member countries are concerned.  We share their concern and observe that even after the recognition of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog (WDDS, standard 347) on 01.01.2003 (date of the official recognition), matings with non-purebred subjects (3 generations) from this breed continue to take place or that white German Shepherd Dogs with one or more colored ancestor(s) are re-registered as WSSD. We remind all FCI member organizations and contract partners that they have to comply with the following:

1.  White Swiss Shepherds Dogs (347) CANNOT be mated with white German Shepherds Dogs (GSD, standard 166) since they are two distinct breeds with different breed standards.  In order to guarantee that both breeds are correctly separated, it is also important to respect what follows:

2.  WSSD cannot be entered in the studbooks of this very breed if a part or all their ancestors (3 generations) were still registered, after 01.01.2003, as white German Shepherd Dogs.

3.  It is not allowed to re-register as a WSSD (347) a dog which was registered as a white German Shepherd Dog (166) after 01.01.2003.

4.  An accidental white German Shepherd Dogs (white puppy in a litter of German Shepherd Dogs) with one or more colored ancestors(s) cannot be used for breeding as a WSSD nor can it be re-registered as a WSSD.


We want to stay in touch with the families that adopt my pups. I want the families to be part of our efforts to get the White Swiss Shepherd recognized in the United States.

If you would like to be part of this magnificent breed and are searching for a dedicated breeder, I would like to hear from you.

We are looking for like-minded people for show, breeding, and family pets!!


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